Unclaimed Property Oregon – Owner, Holder and State

Do you think you have any money that had been sitting idle in the treasury of your state? If you do, you are being hunted by the government. The problem however is to discover where to find it. You do not know how to determine if you have any unclaimed asset in the government safe custody. Every state in the US now maintains a database of unclaimed money. This is done in order to enable more people to do searching which could result to disposal of the unclaimed properties. You can search through the database, check if your name appears therein.
There are 3 constituents in the process of abandoned property – the owner or the property, the holder or business entity where the property is deposited and the state from where the property can be claimed.

Unclaimed property Oregon – the owner

If you have lived in different states, there are more possibilities as you might have left one or two kinds of unclaimed property in every state where you lived. What could constitute your left- behind assets? It is possible that you have unrefunded deposits for your electricity, phone or water bills. You might have left some balance in your savings or checking account. There were checks issued in your favor which were not negotiated. Other forms of unclaimed property Oregon are money orders, traveler’s checks, securities, retirement benefits and paid up insurance. These are financial in nature. There are other assets that are not in cash such as deposits in the safety deposit box. Anything that can be found in this safety deposit box that can be converted into cash forms part of your unclaimed property Oregon.
What happens here is that when you moved out, you did not leave a forwarding address. Thus your notification mail could have been returned to sender. You lose the reminder. It is definite that the business entities and financial enterprises send you letters to the effect that your account is about to be dormant. Since you do not receive the mail, you have not acted on it.
You are eligible to receive the value of your unclaimed property Oregon. You just have to claim it. But before you can, you have to check the different websites, state and federal if you have a listed unclaimed property. It is your responsibility to claim.
unclaimed property Oregon

Unclaimed property Oregon – the holder

The holder is also the business entity or your depository. The holder safe-keeps your property until it becomes dormant. The holder can only hold your asset for the time specified by law. Different assets have different time limits for dormancy. Some accounts turn dormant after 2, 3 or 5 years. There are assets that will only be dormant after 7 or 15 years.
The holder is mandated that the unclaimed property Oregon be reported to the state when they become dormant. As the account nears the lapse of specified time, it is the duty of the holder to send notices to the account owner. The purpose is to make the account move so that it does not turn dormant.

Unclaimed property Oregon – the state

Then the holder reports all dormant accounts to the state and after which they will be transferred to the custody of the state. In case of Oregon, the department responsible for these properties is the Department of State Lands. The state will purse the owner of the accounts. Since it is difficult to trace the whereabouts of these account holders, the state had constructed online database or websites. The state encourages every citizen to check in the websites if they have any listed unclaimed property Oregon. The state also handles the approval of the owner’s claim. The state will require the owner to present proof of identity before release of the refund.
The unclaimed property Oregon has reached an insurmountable amount and it is getting bigger every year. The state aims to refund these properties to the rightful owners. And it is never too late for you to claim. The state does not set a prescription period for receiving the proceeds of the unclaimed property Oregon.

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Processes of Reporting and Claiming the Unclaimed Property Oregon

You would not realize how the assets you have left behind had caused problems to the state. You may be one of the people being hunted by the government for the refund of the unclaimed property Oregon. You may not know it but every penny that is due you that was left in your holding company like banks and utility companies should be returned to you.
The process goes from the holding company to the state. In the state of Oregon the unclaimed properties are under the care of the Department of State Lands. The function of the unclaimed property Oregon division of the Department handles all the accounts that had been transferred to the state. The government now is doing a difficult task of finding the owners of the assets.

Reporting Unclaimed Property Oregon

Every state has its own laws on the handling of the unclaimed properties. In Oregon, there is a prescribed manner for reporting the unclaimed property Oregon. Every business entity should report to the state their abandoned assets. Reporting is due on November 1 of each year; the covered date is up to June 30 of the same year.
The report includes the following:
• Identification of the property
• Former owner
• Date when the property is due or payable
• Date of last transaction with the owner
Before reporting the property, the business holder should first exert effort in finding the owner. If the holder does not succeed in informing the old owner, it should report to the Department the name and last known address of the owner. The Department now exerts effort to find the owner. The unclaimed property Oregon is delivered to the DSL. The business holder should keep record of the property for 3 years after the report was made. For other financial instruments, the period is 5 years. Any business entity that does not report the unclaimed property in their book of accounts will be penalized.
unclaimed property Oregon

Unclaimed Property Oregon Resources and Time Limits

People who are in search for information on the unclaimed property should contact the state’s government agency that handles this. The queries should then be addressed to the Unclaimed Property Section, Department of State Lands.
Like in any state in the US, Oregon has time limits for abandoned properties. This sets the time that must elapse in order for a property to be considered abandoned. The prescribed time is variable, depending on the type of property. For most properties the time to elapse is 5 years. Some properties like property to be distributed due to business dissolution, properties held by courts or fiduciaries, safety deposit boxes have shorter period – one and two years. The money orders have 7 years and the travelers checks have the longest time of 15 years.

Claiming Unclaimed Property Oregon

Once the abandoned property is turned over the state, the owner can reclaim the unclaimed property Oregon. The DSL publishes a notice for two successive weeks in news paper of general circulation. These unclaimed properties in Oregon are also found in the state’s website. You can even search through NAUPA or National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.
Claims can be made anytime and what you have to do to start with your claim is to fill out a claim form which can be downloaded from the state’s website. After submitting the claim form, you have to wait for the decision of the DSL. To be able to claim your abandoned wealth, you have to prove your identity. You will be made to present IDs that are acceptable to the department.
Business entities have to report abandoned properties to the state and the owner of the unclaimed property Oregon has to claim if from the Department of State Lands.

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Finder and the Role in Refunding Unclaimed Property Oregon

The high level of America’s unclaimed property is getting higher and higher every year. How could this be? People continue to move from one place to another or they get married or they unfortunately pass away. These are the contributing factors for the piling of many abandoned assets. The deposits in the banks, utility deposits, stale checks, bonds, safety deposit boxes are left. As most of these people do not leave forwarding address, the holders of the assets have no way to contact these owners. As years go on, these properties become dormant and later become classified as unclaimed property Oregon.
These assets are turned over to the Department of State Land in Oregon. The holders are required to report to the state the accounts that are in the dormancy status. Then when they become dormant, they are reported to the DSL. After several years (case to case depending on the kind of property) the unclaimed property Oregon is surrendered to the DSL. And the good thing in here is that there is no time limit as to the duration of the unclaimed property Oregon in the custody of the DSL. Owners can claim no matter how long time had elapsed. The only condition is that the identity of the claimant is established.

What is a finder of unclaimed property Oregon

The government is exerting all efforts to trace the whereabouts of the owners. And finders are authorized to locate the whereabouts of owners.
What is a finder? The finder is also known as heir-finder or heir-researcher. This is because they function to find the heirs of unclaimed property Oregon owners. The finder aims to reunite the unclaimed property to its owner. And for the service, the finder charges some fees. The procedure and the fees are variable. There are numerous finders in the USA and in Oregon the finder must be licensed to perform the function. The license is issued by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.
There are some restrictions to being a finder. Under Oregon statute ORS 098.352, information on unclaimed property has one year of confidentiality before it is reported to the state and two years before being remitted to the Department.
unclaimed property Oregon

Unclaimed Property Oregon – qualifications and license of finder

The finder should be licensed in the state of Oregon and this license is issued by the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training or DPSST. The finder must be duly authorized by his client to act in his behalf for the claiming of the unclaimed property Oregon. This authorization is in the form of a Special Power of Attorney executed by the owner. A copy of the license and the power of attorney should be submitted by the client together with the claim.

Unclaimed Property Oregon – fee of a finder

The finder is allowed to collect fees when they render service to the abandoned property owner. And Oregon law does not have restrictions on the amount of fee to be charged. Even if you are licensed under Oregon laws, it does not force you to work for the state of Oregon. The government does not mingle with the agreement between the finder and the asset owner,
The finder can request for a list of reported properties from the Department. Included in the list are properties that had been held by the DSL for 2 years and over. The properties that are below two years or properties that had already been refunded will not appear in the list. It simply contains the unclaimed property Oregon that is eligible for refund to the owner. And once the finder requests the department for the list, he has to pay $150 which will cover the cost of the production of the list. This list can be in paper or in CD.
Finders can be hired by unclaimed property Oregon owners. These finders collect some fees for the services. He is licensed and is legally authorized by the client.

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When an Abandoned Asset Becomes an Unclaimed Property Oregon

The U.S. government has large piles of unclaimed properties, billions of money with the missing owners. Despite the fact that these belong to people, the owners could not access their assets simply because they are not aware of their escheated money. The mounting amount of unclaimed property Oregon had made the government take urgent action to return the money to the rightful owners.
The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) takes charge of the state’s unclaimed property program. Millions of dollars each year go to the unclaimed properties. As for the status of the unclaimed money, the government had launched procedures to make the process simple and easily executable. What is important is for the public to understand and embrace the process. The US government as a whole is aiming to broadcast this so that the American people will make use of the website to claim their abandoned properties.

The essence of unclaimed property Oregon

Unclaimed property is a financial asset which is usually intangible. This is held in behalf of a person or people that cannot be found. These are not real estate properties. The unclaimed property Oregon, like the other unclaimed properties in other US states consist of savings or current accounts, stocks, dividends, refunds, money orders, unpaid wages, commissions, paid up life insurance policies , utility deposits, contents of safety deposit boxes and more.
Besides money, there are other intangible assets that fall under the unclaimed property Oregon. These are the contents of the safety deposit boxes, stocks and bonds. In Oregon, the unclaimed properties are under the jurisdiction of the Department of State Lands. The commercial value of the contents of the safety deposit boxes are auctioned after one year of holding. The owner can claim the proceeds of the auction sale.
unclaimed property Oregon

How an asset becomes unclaimed property Oregon

Why does a property become unclaimed? When a property is abandoned within a specified period of time and the owner cannot be found or contacted, the said property becomes a kind of unclaimed property Oregon. Although different states may have their own statutes, the usual specified time known as dormancy period is generally 3 years.
For unclaimed properties over $100, the holding business entities need to make efforts to find the owner before the abandoned asset is turned over to the DSL. When not successful, the holder reports the asset to the Department which will attempt to locate the owner.

Absence of claimants for unclaimed property Oregon

Every year, the Department of State Lands (DSL) receives a big amount, about $50 million, of unclaimed property Oregon. It is only able to return $15 of the outstanding abandoned assets. This shows how the level of unclaimed property Oregon increases every year. The proceeds of the abandoned money are held in the Common School Fund. This is the constitutional mandate and the funds are for use of Oregon’s K12 public schools. The reported amount can be refunded by the owner or heir.
The rising number of unclaimed property Oregon has given a problem to the Department of State Lands. Despite the efforts, the owners could hardly be found. The problem is not only felt in Oregon but also in different states such as New Jersey and Missouri.

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